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How To Style Joi-Louise The Label Pillows At Home

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How To Style Joi-Louise The Label Pillows At Home

Joi-Louise The Label Printed Pillows are soft, luxurious and bold! Stephanie Garcia is going to show you how to style our pillows for your bedroom. You won't want to miss this. 


They say that a women’s bedroom is her temple. I for one couldn’t agree even more! My bed is the number one thing I always looked forward too during my college days and now, after a long day at work. A woman’s bedroom is her sanctuary, a mere representation of oneself that allows us to be creative by designing a space that we can call home.
But every now and then we have moments where we take a look at our rooms and say, “Hmmmm…. I not really feeling this vibe anymore. Honey, it looks like it’s time for another room makeover. If your anything like me this happens more than usual, but I am in no way ashamed of it. I mean if I as a woman have consistently changed my clothes every year for the past twenty-six years because I wanted to try something different, then why wouldn’t I be the same when it comes to redecorating my room?

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