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Stephanie Garcia

Ever wondered how to pair off your favorite cheetah print? Well have no fear, I am here to help. Here are my tips to wearing the ultimate print that can take your style from everyday wear to total showstopper.

Tip 1:

It's no shock that these warm, fuzzies are back and I am loving it! With so many variations and colors, faux fur will defiantly be that it piece that will make your cooler days fun, fashionable, and classic. So go ahead and unleash your purrfect fashionista.

How To Wear Cheetah Prints This Fall | Joi-Louise The Label

The Cheetah Pencil Dress

Tip 2: 

There is nothing more powerful than the color red, a sexy color with the power to turn heads and have others admire your bold confidence. So go ahead and do it! Want to give your cheetah print tee a sophisticated feel? Pair it off with a red long line pea coat and some bold black heels and this look will have you feeling like Miranda Priestly. Want to give your cheetah top a work attire feel? Then combine it with some fitted red straight pants or a nice red skirt. Trust me, this will take your work clothes to the next level and make you the most fashionable of them all.

How To Wear Cheetah (with red) Prints This Fall | Joi-Louise The Label

The Cheetah V-Neck Top

Tip 3:

Now if your anything thing like me, then you know that you can never go wrong with leather! A great leather jacket is just one of those classic materials that will never die. Let’s face it; cheetah and leather are a match made. Have fun with these two by pairing them up with some fishnet stockings, some combat boots, and a slab of red lipstick and you’ll have yourself a punk rock look that screams wild child!


How To Wear Cheetah (with leather jacket) This Fall | Job-Louise The Label

The Cheetah Tank Top 


Tip 4:

What’s between me and my denim? Cheetah. Another classic, simple piece that you cannot live without. Who loves jeans? Who loves denim jackets? Yeah, I thought so.

How To Wear Cheetah Prints (With Denim) This Fall | Joi-Louise The Label

The Capri Cheetah Leggings

Tip 5: 

That’s right you heard me, “MORE CHEETAH!!”

Now I know that some of you will say, “Okay… that’s too much for me.”

But the truth is you can pair off an outfit by wearing the same print. The key here is that it’s all about having the right balance. You can wear a cheetah printed top with a cheetah printed pant or legging but you have to pair it off with a solid color to even it out. Again, it all about having the right balance. But if you are all about showing the world your cheetah spots than girl show them proudly. Let people hear your pur!

The Cheetah Collection | Joi-Louise The Label


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