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Coachella At The Liberty Science Center | Pop-Up Number 3!

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Liberty Science Center After Dark - SciChella | Joi-Louise The Label
On April 19th, 2018, the Liberty Science Center held it's LSC After Dark SCIChella Event in Jersey City and Joi-Louise The Label was in attendance!
The theme was SCI-Chella! How cool this that? For all of us on the East Coats that were not able to attend, we had our very own Coachella in Liberty State Park! There was a really cool bouncy slide at he front door, signature drinks (including a Queen Bey Lemonade) , a photo booth and great music! 
Joi-Louise The Label | LSC After Dark | Vendor Table
 Our Table 
What an awesome event, we spread awareness about our brand, made some new friends and met some awesome food/art vendors. The Liberty Science Center holds these events on every third Thursday of the month! Make sure you check them out and don't forget to shop Joi-Louise The Label!


Joi-Louise The Label | LSC After Dark

Our Rack

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